Okinawan Karate & Kobudo Legends (Volume 16)

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Masaji Taira is a one of a kind as he is able to bring the kata to life by disecting the bunkai of the Okinawan Goju Kata. His home dojo is the famous Jundokan dojo home of the best in Okinawa. His skill is second to none and few if any are able to keep up to this master of the bunkai. As a undercover police officer in Naha Okinawa he has the chance to road test his techniques and skill. He is still alive to tell of his escapades on the streets of Okinawa. This is not ordinary Bunkai as you will see and this is what makes him in such greatd emand all over the world for seminars. - Video only in English Language - Video Lenght: 76 min.